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Agents : Arbres-Et-Abeilles Nursery Chez Perochon - 86250 - Genouille (Region de Vienne - near Civray)

Chez Pierre Naturelle



Beige Riven Sandstone  
Chez Pierre Naturelle



Raj Sandstone Riven
25 mm thick 25 mm thick
Warmly coloured with slight variations in both colour and texture from piece to piece. Beige sandstone is often used around swimming pools and in any situation requiring a light or warm neutral colour. Very popular, Raj Sandstone offers many of the colours and patterns of traditional York Stone to the extent that it is has been referred to as Indian Yorkstone.
€ 46.70 / m² inc. tax € 46.70 / m² inc. tax
Chez Pierre Naturelle



Fossil Mint Riven Sandstone  
Chez Pierre Naturelle



Yellow Bushammered Granite
25 mm thick 25 mm thick

Fossil Mint sandstone is highly variable in colour. If there is a colour that appears in this paving more often than others it is the pale mint green. Yellows, browns and reds are sometimes evident.

This granite paving has a warm colour tone, and some slight pattern veins. The texture is excellent in wet environments, while still being very flat. This paving stone is very resistant to staining.
€ 46.70 / m² inc. tax € 87.80 / m² inc. tax
Chez Pierre Naturelle



Lemon Sandstone  
Chez Pierre Naturelle



Lemon and Raj Sandstone Circle
25 mm thick Kits - 3 x 3 m
Lemon sandstone is reminiscent of some types of traditional yorkstone paving. This stone is characterised by its grey and rusty brown. It can easily be mixed with the Raj Sandstone to extend the coulour range and tonal variation in a patio.
We currently have available Lemon and Raj Sandstone circle kits. Lemon is characterised by its grey and rusty brown colours and can easily be associated with Raj Sandstone paving slabs and vice-versa!
€ 46.70 / m² inc. tax € 580 inc. tax
Chez Pierre Naturelle



Jord Antique Limestone  
Chez Pierre Naturelle



Grey Sandstone Riven
  25 - 40 mm thick
Looking for yesteryear's charm? This is definitely a stone you will need to consider. The base colour is dark to black, but after the antique process a cream to white pattern remains; it will look like it's been there forever!
Predominately Grey with variations in tone is the main character of this stone. There is plenty of scope to combine this beautiful stone with other colours such as mixed brown cobbles for edging.
€ 82.40 / m² inc. tax € 46.70 / m² inc. tax
Chez Pierre Naturelle



Mixed Brown Sandstone  
Chez Pierre Naturelle



Merona Riven Sandstone
Cobbles 25 mm thick
Also called cobblestones or setts, this is the same stone as Raj sandstone paving. These varying brown cobbles are often used for driveways, paths, borders and panels of detail in patios.
Merona appears mostly in soft Grey/Browns, the colour change when wet exposes subtle greens in some of the slabs, calibrated to 25 mm thickness and available in 4 size opus pattern.
€ 82.40 / m² inc. tax € 63.20 / m² inc. tax
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